Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hit refresh :)

I've been neglecting all things related to this blog/project of mine.

I know that excuses are a bad thing, but I didn't realise how the time flew by in the past few months. I made promises that I couldn't keep and I still owe some people an apology. In the midst of all that occurred, I remembered, 'oh yes, don't I have a website to run?' and that's when I looked at the date and got a bit of a fright. It's been 2 months since I last said I would do something about this blog. So here I am restarting this blog, once again!

So after much thought and much bothering of some dear people (you know who you are), I've changed the name (AGAIN) and registered a domain!
I've yet to figure out how to work out the other things like how to create a website from scratch (I've forgotten how to do that!), so right now the domain is just pointing to my blog.
I figure that a domain that I've got to pay for will make me start this project up again.

December-January shall be a renewal of this website and I hope, if the Almighty wills it, that all goes well from there on.

Let the brainstorming begin...