Monday, December 20, 2010

❤ Lucky Packet Design: This is so...HeartFelt :)

Felt. It reminds me of primary school days of messing about during art class, collectively incurring the wrath of the art teacher and just having fun.
Today I found a few scraps of felt hidden away in my little collection cupboard and decided to experiment with it.
I decided to make a brooch and a few hair clips as I'm always in need of these items.
What do you think of them?

Monday, December 13, 2010

❤ Lucky Packet Design: Flower Garden

I love going scavenger hunting at my mum's home. My mum was/is a seamstress and would even do amazing works of embroidery before her trio of nuttiness came along. However, she still has this love for material so she's got a LOT of it.
I used to wrap myself in them as a kid and prance around the house pretending I was wearing some big fancy ballgown :)

I found quite a bit of plain cotton/linen blend material so I decided to claim it as my own (thanks mum!) and decided to make this:

Check it out! Wee little fabric roses

I added a few odd beads and sewed a bit and voila! My first bag! It's perfect for travelling, storing linen, socks, your precious items and other odds and ends.