Sunday, September 12, 2010

❤ Lucky Packet Design: Linocutting and Rubber Adventures

In the midst of the paper cutting project, I got a bit distracted and decided to fiddle about with some rubber and a lino-cutter.  I started off with the pattern that I was playing around with in my paper cutting project, but then decided I'd like a regular old flower instead.  

By the way, I've cut myself at least 3 times.  In Ramadaan it was hard for me to control my frustration and not yell out, 'S#!^' every time I stabbed myself.  Linocutting is not for sissies.  Keep band-aids nearby - and perhaps some protective gloves.

After creating my rubber stamp, I decided to test it on a piece of fabric (which is somewhere around) and as it turns out, I'm pretty pleased with my first shot at lino cutting and printing.  I'm going to fiddle a bit with the design and once I find a trusty roller, I'll (hopefully) create some designs to share on here! :)

I ❤ Food: Ramadaan - Done. Eid ul Fitr - Done.

The burfee didn't make me do a barf-ee.
A lone lamington and a single tiramisu cupcake found themselves coupled.
The strawberries jumped for joy when they realised they weren't being turned into pavlova, but split themselves up when they found out they were being creamed.

Ramadaan came and Ramadaan went.
Eid came and Eid went.
So the month of fasting was good - but then Eid came at the end of it and  even though I said I wouldn't, I ATE and ATE and rolled over and ATE again on Eid day.  Terrible.
(why do you think there's only one of each item left?  There's a lot of other things that you can't see because...they're in my belly! ahhah! psssh...I made it all AND ate it all!  SIES!)

All in all, it was a good Ramadaan - istighfaar (prayers for forgiveness from sins) dhikr (prayer), sabr (patience) and shukr (gratefulness) was a constant thought/action :) I had a lot of time to do some thinking, doing and less procrastinating.  I'm doing a mental 'WHOOP!' just for the latter :)  Let's hope I can keep it up now  :)

Sorry for the cheesiness in the captions.  I couldn't help myself :)